Schabl Consulting e.U consulting engineers are specialised in spatial planning and have been intensively involved in issues of land use planning related to forestry and forest engineering in the last few years.

Both at federal as well as at state level they have co-operated closely with the authorities with methodological approaches as well as spatial data processing representing a major component of their work. This important experience served as a solid basis for several EU-projects within different EU-programs.

Comprehensive project experience was gained in regional studies focused on protection of forests (the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage area of Hallstatt and the Inner Salzkammergut, AUSTRIA, among others) and mountain forests (in several federal states of Austria).
Specific actions included:

Naturraumanalyse Conception of tools for assessing conflicts that arise from forestry or forest engineering measures in the context of land use planning
Conception and establishment of spatial information systems in the field of forestry on all three levels (local, federal country, national)
Project management and keeping of the project database in Interreg-Programmes (A, B, C).

Personal Data:

Anton Schabl is a mining engineer, holding a Dipl-Eng. from Montan University Leoben - Austria (1983). From 1983 to 1991 he worked as an Assistant at Montan University Leoben and Joanneum Research Leoben in the field of Environmental Information, GIS and System Analysis. From 1992 to 1997 he was Managing Director of private consulting companies working in the field of Environmental Information, IT and Management Consultation. In 1997 he founded SCHABL & PARTNER OEG. The key qualifications are: Conception and establishment of geographical information systems with the main points regional planning, agriculture and forestry as well as environment, Conception and establishment of quality management systems according to ISO 9001, Analysis of agricultural problems and development of agricultural models and Preparation and co-ordination of EC-projects (Interreg IIA, Interreg IIC, EFRE-Art. 10, Interreg IIIA, Interreg IIIB Alpine Space, Interreg IIIB CADSES, Interreg IIIC). Mr. Schabl has been named by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as GIS expert for Austrian contacts with forestry authorities in the Eastern European countries in transition. He speaks and writes fluently English.


Example of international project contributions: