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GEORAMA project

The GEORAMA project aims at developing a web based geo-navigational portal for tourists visiting mountain and countryside regions by offering relevant spatial and thematic information of several European tourism regions.

The objective of the project is promoting the access to public and private information (according to the eContent program of the EU) - in this case - related to countryside and mountain tourism. The web service will offer detailed digital maps and additional data and enables the potential visitors to plan their visits. Contents come from each participating country and their partners. Most of the contents are offered for free to the end user. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used as the technological basis of the system.
The venture combines privately owned companies, universities, and public providers of digital maps.

The GEORAMA portal will work as a channel for sharing and distributing knowledge. At the moment, the project consortium is defining the system and technical requirements. When the portal is ready, as content provider can act for example local tourism entrepreneurs, outdoor companies, municpalities etc.

Georama project regions:

GEORAMA "GEO-navigational poRtAl that provides all necessary inforMAtion and services to the mountain and countryside tourism community" - is funded by the European Union under the eContent programme; contract number: EDC-11099 GEORAMA / 27961.

The overall budget is 3,2 MEUR.

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